Angora Rabbit Information

Satin Angora
The commercial typed Satin Angora became a recognized breed in 1987. The unique silky wool which possesses a distinct sheen  is considered some of the most valuable of all wool and is the hallmark of the breed. 


Giant Angora

The largest of the four breeds of angora recognized by the ARBA. The Giant was developed specifically as a wool producer. Its wool consists of three fiber types: Underwool, awn fluff and awn hair, and must be shorn as this breed does not moult. 


German Angora

Several importations of angoras from Germany occurred during the 1980’s. With their impressive wool production, “German Angoras” cause quite a sensation in North America. A version of the German angora, which came to be known as the Giant, was submitted for acceptance with the A.R.B.A.
In an article titled “Giant Angora – Not German Angora” published in the National Angora rabbit Club Newsletter in 1991, Louise Walsh, the presenter offered her description:
…The Giant angora is a larger rabbit than the German angora. During the developing years of the Giant angora, I mixed in colored short hair commercial bodied rabbits, French Lop and Flemish Giant.

At that time, there were many other breeders who were not comfortable with these changes. Instead, they were committed to the preservation of the high production angora as it was developed in Germany. They felt that wool yields could best be improved by breeding to stock of similar origin and by following a proven system. Founded in 1987, the International Association of German Angora Rabbit Breeders accepted the Angora Standard of the Z.D.K.


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